Cover-up on Phi Phi?

Cover-up on Phi Phi?

Re: ''Police still baffled over death of sisters'' (BP, June 18).

I am also from Quebec in Canada, where the two girls who died on Phi Phi Island came from, although I have lived in Thailand since 1990.

Reading through everything that has been reported so far, and not just in the Bangkok Post, the matter is very disturbing. Instead of waiting for a full forensic report, claims are already circulating that they died from food poisoning while nobody knows for certain at this stage what happened. This really is alarming. One thing seems clear, it already smells like a cover-up in motion, with statements from the police along the lines of ''they had eaten meals outside the hotel''. Could this be to absolve the hotel of any responsibility?

Two people dying very quickly with symptoms seemingly pointing to a very strong reaction to some chemicals could be attributed to multiple sources, including but not limited to rat poison, insecticide and other pesticides, poisoning of their food either accidentally or on purpose by some dangerous person, and so on.

So, please, do not let a cover-up happen like in so many other seemingly similar cases (remember Chiang Mai?). Get to the truth so such a tragedy never happens again.


No wants to reconcile

As an expat who has lived in Thailand for the past 24 years, I have come to the conclusion that no one wants reconciliation.

The Democrat and the Pheu Thai parties, the yellow shirts and red shirts, all have the same policy in mind: my way, or no way.

Red shirt leader Weng Tojirakarn summed it up beautifully when he said ''from now on we will not let the Democrats trample on us again. We will have to help each other to get rid of the Democrat Party from Thai politics''.

Does that sound like someone seeking reconciliation to you?


Exams, cops don't mix

Re: ''2 caught in exam cheat probe'' (BP, June 18).

With amusement one reads that the police themselves were involved in the latest police entrance exam scandal.

For the police to administer or have anything to do with even proctoring an exam is in itself ludicrous. It reminds me of my last visit to Thailand. We were driving along at 90kph on the Chon Buri-Rayong highway and were stopped by the highway police for speeding and driving in the wrong lane. A 100-baht banknote handed over along with a driver's licence solved the problem.

My driver friend promptly stopped the car at the first highway patrol station along the road to file a complaint. The officer who wrote the complaint wrote it with a bemused smile on his face. Send a fox to catch a fox after one fox eats the chickens.

Ahhh, beguiling, bemusing, truly amazing Thailand. And you wonder why your kids grow up the way they do. They have such fine examples of adulthood to emulate.

San Francisco

Be corrupt properly!

Re: ''The Godfather tradition lives on'' (Sunday Forum, June 17).

Bravo to Khun Voranai Vanijaka for his very insightful piece. He is right on target with what is happening to democracy in Thailand and why it will never work.

I have often thought that the national anthem should be changed to Speak Softly Love. But of course it could also apply to most other countries around the world.

Whether you're talking about the police force, armed forces, local or national politics, the Black Hand is always lurking. But unlike the polls Khun Voranai cited where the majority of Thais don't mind corruption if they too can benefit from it, I don't mind corruption if services are at least done properly.

I don't mind paying a bit more to feed the system, but at least do the job right! Show a little more pride in your corruption!


Suu Kyi an inspiration

Re: ''Suu Kyi vows to fight on'' (BP, June 17).

The Nobel speech given by Aung San Suu Kyi gave me a true understanding of the definition of a charismatic leader, one who exudes not only power but, more importantly, genuine sincerity and inspiration.


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