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Burger King

Why is Burger King paying for the wedding of an Illinois couple?

A) Because the groom hid the ring in a Whopper burger.

B) Because the couple had their first date at a Burger King.

C) Because no other fast food restaurant would pay for it.

D) Because the couple's last names combine to form Burger-King. Joel Burger and Ashley King, residents of New Berlin, Illinois, announced their engagement by posing next to the sign at a local Burger King restaurant. After the photo went viral, the fast food company reached out to the couple and offered to cover the expenses and provide gifts for the wedding, AP reports. The Burger-King nuptials will be held on Jul 17. And yes, all guests will receive a customised Burger King crown.   


How are frustrated Seattle residents attempting to combat dog owners who don't clean up after their pets?

A) By putting up warning signs.

B) By leaving dog poop on the doorsteps of offenders.

C) By offering plastic bags around the city.

D) By DNA testing dog excrement to identify the culprits. According to the Seattle Times, various apartments, condos and homeowner associations are using the "PooPrint" testing kit to find out which pooch's poop has been left out in the open. When the culpable canine is found, the owner has to pay a fine of US$59.95 (B1,950) to cover the DNA test and US$50 (B1,627) to the complex for the hassle of collecting the sample. Apparently, owners not picking up after their pets is a real problem in the area — Seattle reportedly has 50 per cent more dogs than kids.   


What has been banned on the island of Koh Phangan?

A) Neon paint.

B) Alcohol served in buckets.

C) Swimsuits.

D) Dark moon parties, half-moon parties, jungle parties and basically any environmental gimmick attached to the word "parties". With the exception of the infamous full moon party, which will be allowed to continue, Koh Phangan's district office announced the ban in response to complaints about noise pollution caused by the rowdy shindigs, reports the Bangkok Post. That's cool we guess, but good luck trying to enforce a party ban on a party island! G

Why don't they just ban the moon while they're at it?

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