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Why is a South Korean publisher recalling copies of a book of poetry written by children?

A) Because the poems were plagiarised.

B) Because there aren't that many words that rhyme with "puppy".

C) Because of dismal sales.

D) Because the content has been described as "morbid". The book, A Single Dog, features disturbing poetry such as a 10-year-old's verse about eating her mother. UPI has reprinted the poem, which contains lines such as: "Chew and eat your mom/Boil and eat her, bake and eat her… Eat her heart last/So it's the most painful." Another poem called "The Cannibal Doll" is about a mother who is eaten by a doll. Publisher Chulganil initially defended the poems as "art", but has now decided to recall and destroy the book after numerous complaints from parents (most likely mums worried about their fate).


What bizarre ride can visitors experience at the Window of the World amusement park in Shenzhen, China?

A) The roller coaster of communism.   

B) A tour of how things are made in China.

C) The dumpling-shaped Ferris wheel.

D) A simulation of being cremated. The Samadhi Game allows (living) participants to experience the sensation of being dead, cremated and reborn, reports The Independent. The grisly ride works like this: players are put in a coffin and transported to an incinerator, where hot air (up to 40C) is blasted at them to create an experience of "burning". They then crawl towards a padded area, representing the idea of being "reborn". Next, they presumably run the hell out of there, screaming, while vowing to exercise and eat their veggies so they can live a long and healthy life.  


Why did Thailand Post officials fire a postman in Chanthaburi's Pong Nam Ron district?

A) Because no one in Pong Nam Ron sends snail mail anymore.

B) Because all the dogs in the district hated him.

C) Because he never replied to his emails.

D) Because he had piled up mail at his house instead of delivering it. The postman's lazy little secret was discovered after a woman followed up on a package that hadn't reached her uncle in Pong Nam Ron, according to Daily News. In the interest of being proactive, a relative who knew the postman personally went to his house to ask about its delivery status. There, he found numerous undelivered parcels and letters. Instead of just taking his own mail, the information was posted online and quickly went viral, leading to the postman's termination.

We thought this was just meant for birds to perch on

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