What action by a group of Thai tourists in Japan has sparked fury among netizens?

A) They cleared Bao Bao bags out of every Issey Miyake store.

B) They didn't make a slurping sound while eating ramen.

C) They dipped sushi into jaew sauce.

D) They trod on flowers in a prohibited area, for the sole purpose of snapping selfies. A Pantip post featured the horrendous photo of Thais stomping on flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan, cameras at the ready. If it's you in that picture, you might want to cover your face with a bucket for awhile.


What's the new definition of the size of Hong Kong apartments?

A) XXXS — like Thai university girls' uniforms.

B) Super duper ultra slim.

C) Nano micro woah woah yeah yeah.

D) Mosquito-sized. WSJ Asia wrote that Hong Kong's already cramped apartments are getting smaller, some not much bigger than a parking space. Thus, they were given the moniker, "mosquito-sized units". 


Why was the latest Yves Saint Laurent advert banned in the UK?

A) The ad used the spelling "Eves Saint Laurent".

B) The model was wearing knock-off clothing.

C) The model was American.

D) The model was too thin. The new ad, which appeared in Elle UK magazine, featured a woman with very thin legs and a visible rib cage. A reader complained, claiming the advert was "irresponsible", and the advertising watchdog banned it. G

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