It's time to 'Leave'

Nigel Pike in his June 21 letter "A breakdown of Brexit" clearly illustrated why Brits should vote for Brexit, a sentiment with which, as a Brit, I completely agree.

No country with a modicum of national pride should be subjected to laws, rules and regulations imposed on it by a commission over which it has little or no control, laws, rules and regulations which in many cases go against the wishes of its people and which, frequently, are laughable if not inane. Nigel clearly showed that countries such as Thailand and the US would never accept such a situation.

The most vocal opposition to Brexit has come from the banking and financial sectors, the very same people who were responsible for the 2008 financial crisis which ruined the lives of millions of people and yet these leeches were never punished for their crimes. They continue to suck the blood of ordinary citizens without a second thought. The opposition has also done their utmost to make immigration the key topic in the hope that many will see the Brexit campaign as racist, whereas the real issues are, or should be, the control of Britain's destiny and culture by the British, not by a bunch of non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels and a domineering woman in Berlin.

One of the most vocal opponents of Brexit has been Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director. All that needs to be said about her integrity is that in December 2015 she was charged with criminal negligence by a court in her home country, France.

The position of British PM David Cameron is confusing. Earlier he was strongly in favour of re-negotiating the terms of British membership of the EU, went to Brussels to meet with the EU commissioners and to various European countries to discuss the issues with their leaders. He returned with a half-baked agreement which, in the event of a win by the "remain" camp, I suspect will not be honoured by Brussels and Berlin. Since his return he has campaigned vigorously for the remain camp. What was he offered by the EU powers in return for his about face? Perhaps a high position in the EU hierarchy. We may soon find out for the pundits are forecasting that unless the remain campaign achieves a substantial majority, or if Brexit wins, his days as premier are numbered. In view of his treachery against the British people, his removal from office cannot come soon enough.

If the British were to critically analyse the falsehoods and scaremongering tactics being used by the remain campaign, and realise the real issues are control of their own destiny, surely common sense and pride in their nation will ensure a vote for Brexit.

Brian Barwick
Blowing a Brexit

I almost blew a Brexit on reading Nigel Pike's claim that Thailand currently restricts immigration to a maximum of 100 people per country per year. That figure refers only to the notional "quota" system based on nationality. There are lots of other ways of planting roots here including investing heavily in Thailand, working long-term or just having an elite card. There are several other avenues on official Thai websites about permanent residency. Thousands more farang live here, one year at a time but in reality permanently, for retirement or family reasons.

And what about illegal immigration into Thailand? In spite of weekly deportations back to Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, the country is awash with workers from neighbouring countries without the required documentation. Some say that the Pattaya building boom of recent years -- to give a solitary example -- would have been impossible without this input.

I'm surprised that Nigel is willing to stay one minute longer in a country so far removed from the national fortress he so craves for the UK.

Barry Kenyon
Send Praewa to jail

Re: "Probation Dept, Praewa make pact", (BP, June 22).

Don't give her a chance. It's ridiculous that she misunderstood the regulations and requirements of the probation rules. She is now aged 22 and because herself and her family are educated, they should be able to read and understand laws. And they also have lawyers.

Please say no to insincere excuses and apologies, and put her in jail for an appropriate duration.

RH Suga

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