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Poor get the picture

Re: "The cold chill of inequality", (Editorial, Dec 1).

Your Thursday editorial is the most significant writing I have seen this year. It is also an indictment of the shallow thinking of a well-meaning elite in Thailand. It comes at a good time, too, as change begins to happen in many spheres.

Your focus is on the "just about managing" (Jams) households of hard-working people who are getting nowhere. But may I also remind you of a piece I think you published a few months ago showing the poor state of Thai educational outcomes. About 50% of children leave school without any qualifications, many cannot even do simple arithmetic or present a simple rational argument, have no skills in problem solving, and cannot speak simple English. In other words, Thailand is turning out hoards of unskilled workers for low-income jobs.

Until education here improves substantially, many Thai people will never have much of a chance in life.

Gerry Popplestone

Justice, Thai style...

Re: "Mother of pub beating suspect calls for justice", (BP, Nov 30).

Yeah, another good one. It's the same old story of spoiled rich brats to try to get away with what they are responsible for. It is time the law clamped down on these brats once and for all. If they are convicted, incarceration rather than a fine might be a sobering experience. Or, money will buy them light sentences, if any at all.

Jack Gilead

Van safety woeful

Re: "Transport Co plans new van station", (BP, Nov 30).

Wherever their terminals are going to be relocated to, I urge authorities to review the existing public van transport system. Of course, there are needs for van services, but having over 4,000 vans on the road and having them managed by several small private companies makes it hard for authorities to control their services and enforce safety regulations.

There should be a review for potential integration of all existing routes that meet passengers' needs. And studies should be made to find out whether the entire van operation can be directly managed by the Transport Co or, at least, one or a few larger operators.

RH Suga

We've a bigger problem

For years the American public has been warned about a lunatic leader getting his hands on atomic weapons and the government has done all in its power to halt North Korea's manufacture and testing of nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un has been demonised and derided as a man unfit for world leadership and ignorant of the ways of the world outside of his own manufactured Utopian bubble.

Very soon this fiction is about to become fact but not because Mr Kim has suddenly discovered a new weapon but because America has elected a president of the same arrogance, ignorance and limited acquaintance with the truth as they have warned about for years. The world's biggest and most sophisticated arsenal is about to fall into the hands of religious fanatics, racists and misogynists, and the rest of the world is about to see the result.


Lost in translation

Regarding the news about a farang motorcyclist allegedly being charged above the standard rate by Khon Kaen police, I would say if he tried to speak Thai, he would get the Thai rate. This is true even for the "Thai Free -- Foreigner Pay" places.

Michael Weldon

Demolition blues

Re: "No going back on demolition plan, City Hall tells residents", (BP, Nov 29).

I think City Hall is making a huge mistake by demolishing houses inside the Mahakan Fort community. What should be preserved for historical reasons is being razed for economic reasons.

On another note, I was horrified at the alleged restoration of Wat Arun. Badly applied paint has ruined the old structure and many tiles have been painted over in a slap dash manner. If this is conservation then I feel sorry for other old monuments.


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