Red Bull scion 'red flag'

The "blue notice" is basically a request for information such as location or activities.

One wonders why the police did not ask Interpol to issue a "red notice" to have this individual arrested and detained for deportation and why it has taken so long for them to do this simple task.

Of course every Thai knows the answer to this question, so why isn't the prime minister doing something about reforming the police?

Unfortunately, most Thais know the answer to that as well.

Mr M
Trust in the mighty

Re: "Army finds no foul play in trooper death", (BP, Aug 23).

The military investigating itself with the help of the police -- we know justice will be service.

Mr P


BMA plan bewilders

I'm baffled by the BMA's latest brainwave for using up their annual budget with a proposed "Sky Park" on the abandoned Lavalin Skytrain bridge (BP, Aug 19). This is located between the two spans of the Phra Pok Klao Bridge, adjacent to the Rama I Memorial Bridge.

Opened in 1984, the central span of the three-span structure was intended for a mass-transit rail track with Lavalin of Canada slated to include this river crossing in a three-line city-wide network. Since the Anand government cancelled the contract in 1992 this has been left derelict and inaccessible. The BMA would spend 129 million baht on a 2,380 square metre garden which is less than 1.5 rai and equates to 54,200 baht per square metre! Besides the inordinate cost, the noise and air pollution from six lanes of traffic whizzing by just some feet away on both sides would make for a most unhealthy destination. The span is positioned well below the level of the two adjacent roadways so there are presently no river views. The BMA plans "higher platforms" so visitors can enjoy these views but this will only expose people to even more pollution.

As the Post's aerial photo shows, both ends of the Phra Pok Klao and Rama I Memorial Bridges features heavily wooded parks and gardens. Some are closed to the public; others appear to be underutilised. I would suggest the BMA use just 10% of their budget on rehabilitating these existing parks and repairing the torn-up river promenade whilst making the area more accessible for walkers by building pedestrian underpasses.

But what to do with this abandoned bridge? It could be covered with solar panels, or, just left as a monument to poor planning and lack of "negotiating skill" by Lavalin with the Thai authorities. A brown information board could be placed at each end describing the history of this huge white elephant.

John L Sheppard
Trumping arguments

Re: "Defending Trump", (PostBag, Aug 22).

Michael Setter is correct, we must "look beyond the popular news in order to learn the facts". Al Jazeera and numerous reliable non-popular sources have articulated how Mr Trump has been slow to react to white supremacists; how he refuses to call them terrorists; how he backtracked the next day after his first statement on the issue -- referring to how "both sides", "many sides" were to blame. Like father, like son; he is yet to prove his mettle on this subject and until he does he is guilty of supporting white supremacists.

Age of correctness

Re: "Slavery hardly 'great'," (PostBag, Aug 22).

Would Daniel kindly explain how Marigold suggested the USA is celebrating treason? Are Civil War statues, those inert, metallic or stone objects treasonous, thus necessitating their removal? Americans have always been overly conscious of offending others, from movie stars and their vanity and foibles, practising political correctness to absurdity.

No one, heaven forbid, should offend anyone else. It might put lawyers out of business for their sue-happy clients. Perhaps statue removal could be substituted by the method the ancient Egyptian pharaohs used, much cheaper and easier -- simply hack off the heads and replace them with more appropriate ones, like themselves. Robert E Lee's visage could be replaced with Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob, or Mr Bluster. I'd personally prefer Porky Pig, but he might be accused of making fun of people who stutter.

David James Wong

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