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A truly great monarch

Today is indeed a sad day, a day on which we will bid farewell to Thailand's beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The late King endeared himself to his people in ways hitherto unknown among any of the world's rank and file. King Bhumibol made promises and kept them. He swore when ascending the throne that he would rule with justice and fairness for all people in his kingdom. He adopted the Ten Moral Codes, or Tossapit Rajadhamma, and manifested each of the codes through his simple and austere living.

A simple example was narrated to me once by a prominent Thai who said the people in an upcountry location were despairing over a lack of water and the imminent drought they faced.

His Majesty the King, learning of this, summoned his staff and carefully studied the geological conditions of the terrain of land, and soon found springs of water hitherto unnoticed by the people.

On arriving at the location, the King asked that small rocks on a particular mound be removed and, to everyone's relief, water was found. The probity of his thought, the care he took to study problems and issues, and the solace he extended to people are spoken of among myriad Thais.

On Oct 13 this year, about 3.45pm, I looked out of my window and watched the clouds gather in the distance over Bangkok. Two water cranes flew by my window, one a white bird, the other a black winged crane.

Instantly, I recalled the mid-1990s on the occasion of His Majesty's birthday anniversary, when I was in the audience to receive his address with the rector of my university. We had seen a flock of the black winged cranes on the lawns of Chitralada Palace.

In his address, His Majesty referred to these cranes and spoke of how he had raised them from fledglings, as they were endangered. He told us that he would release them into the wilderness. They were necessary in the ecological balance.

The cremation of the King will be sad but momentous. For in his final ascent, the kingdom of Thailand will have taken leave of a truly great King, who was a saint for both man and nature alike.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej lived and died true to his name, the brave and wise protector of a kingdom he was always ready to serve and defend. We shall miss him.

Glen Chatelier

Watching over us

If you believe in reincarnation and cosmic consciousness, you know that, since Oct 13, 2016, King Bhumibol Adulyadej is closer to the Thai populace than he ever was.

Now that he is at one with cosmic consciousness, he is watching over and assisting the Thai citizens here in his kingdom -- all of you, simultaneously.

To understand better, please read ​Mellen-Thomas Benedict's Journey Through the Light and Back.

Tom Banker

Power mix-up

Andre Machielsen cites quite incorrectly that Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha "increased solar power to 30% of the power mix, and provided billions of baht in support for sufficiency and sustainable farming such as crop rotation, anti-deforestation and reforestation".

Really? I do not think the power mix, a nebulous term for anyone to try to decipher, has been so "adjusted". There is a long way and there are quite a few decades to go. Crop rotation, anti-deforestation and reforestation are not exactly new endeavours.

Brian Knight

Greed overtakes morals

Re: "Unesco says schools failing kids", (BP, Oct 25).

There is no doubt that Thailand needs to reform its education and it doesn't need Unesco to rub the salt into the wound.

On the other hand Unesco seems to imply that education only happens in schools. If that were the case,Thailand's rating would fare much better, especially compared to those highly educated countries where ethics and morals are fading fast, to be substituted by greed and consumerism.

Clara Holzer

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