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Slowly, not surely

Re: "Non-state vaccines get nod", (BP, April 10). It's encouraging that private hospitals will finally be allowed to purchase Covid-19 vaccines to help overcome the slow pace of immunisation in the country. But can anyone explain to me why it should take a month for a committee to develop a plan for private hospital procurement? And why will the purchases by private hospitals be limited to 10 million doses, which are enough for only 5 million people, when there is an expected shortfall of at least 70 million doses if the entire population is to be immunised?

Samanea Saman

Scrap the paperwork

April, is the month of AGMs for listed companies.

While the government and stock exchange have graciously approved virtual AGMs, protecting both shareholders and boards, there are still processes that require physical presence at the office at this time, such as sorting through paper proxies. Thus, even if offices are being closed to protect employees, certain members of staff are required to go in to deal with paperwork that is still a requirement of the exchange and other authorities.

So many documents for the government and quasi-government institutions are still required on paper, while the technology to digitalise them is commonly available. No doubt plans are afoot to transform the government over time, but we now know that the virus waits for no man. Any acceleration of this digitalisation would be welcomed by all companies.


Bug not going away

When are we going to put on our big boy pants and admit that Covid-19 -- like many other diseases -- is here to stay? The average Thai is tremendously more likely to die in a motorbike accident than from Covid-19. Yet I see Thais wearing face masks but not helmets.

It's rare to die from Covid-19 unless you have a life-threatening illness such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Yet instead of taking a sensible approach to this problem, governments are throwing millions of young, healthy people out of work and millions of children out of school. The inmates are running the asylum!

Eric Bahrt


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