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'Penguin' is no hero

Re: "Penguin dares to dream of better things", (Opinion, May 3).

The columnist Paritta Wangkiat painted a heroic picture of young political protest leader Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak. The columnist's bias is obvious as she only mentioned nice sides of Penguin. What about the other rude things he said about the monarchy, among other things? Those were conveniently omitted.

Penguin is no political hero, no champion of the poor and not less privileged. He is neither Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. Don't make him into such.

Have any of your columnists ever written anything positive about the government or the monarchy? They only complain, criticise and distort. I have been a subscriber of this newspaper for nearly 30 years. Given the biased weekly commentary sections I've seen during the past several months, perhaps it's time I discontinue my subscription.


Striking a balance

Re: "Penguin dares to dream of better things", (Opinion, May 3).

One is grateful to Paritta Wangkiat for her insights into Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak and the outrageous treatment he is currently being subjected to, along with other protesters. It is also reassuring to find not all Post columnists feel it is their duty to kowtow to the paranoid fantasies of the authorities and their paymaster.

Yannawa David

Keep race out it

Re: "Headline not racist", (PostBag, May 5).

The global response to Covid-19 has made clear that the fear of contracting the disease has an ugly cousin: xenophobia. As the coronavirus has spread from China to other countries, anti-Asian discrimination has followed closely behind, resulting in racist bullying and attacks against people perceived to be Chinese.

Bangkok Post reporters should consider not using the country name to signify a virus strain by calling it the South African or Indian strain, for example. The fact is the virus originated in Wuhan, China but the press seldom call it the "China virus". In spite of the country of origin, the Chinese have been welcomed in Thailand. They are still coming in hordes.

From what we know about Thailand's balloon travel plans, soon we may have a Thai variant of Corona called "Pattaya Virus" or "Phuket virus". Will that result in travellers flocking to Thailand?

Kuldeep Nagi

Mask madness

Authorities should follow the spirit of the law and work towards achieving its goals. For example, a new regulation mandates that if there's more than one person in a vehicle, all must wear masks. The government's laudable overall aim is to reduce Covid-19 infection while minimising economic damage.

But while at home, members of the same household don't need to mask (unless a member is in isolation). So why should they be required to do so in their car, with no outsiders present? And if that car is parked and with social distancing, they should be allowed to dine together.

Drivers should keep a copy of their household registration form in their car to show authorities that everybody is from the same household. Reduce infection while minimising harm to our fragile economy.

Burin Kantabutra

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