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Why so few shots?

Re: "Enough Covid stunts already", (Editorial, July 12).

I agree with your editorial that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and some of his cabinet members' offer -- to give up their salaries for three months as part of the Covit-19 fight -- represents only a drop in the bucket and cannot relieve people's hardship.

I would prefer PM Prayut to explain why his government has been so slow in acquiring Covid-19 vaccines during the past year -- that resulted in the drastic vaccine shortage that we have today. Our PM and his cabinet would do better by looking at the big picture and be more creative in their duties, rather than wasting time on frivolous matters.

Vint Chavala

Third-world status

Re: "Govt lambasted for wasting early success", (BP, July 13).

"Tents were set up on a sports field under the elevated expressway in Klong Toei district, Bangkok, on Monday to isolate asymptomatic Covid-19 cases."

The photos and article now showing that Thailand seems to be left with little more than outdoor tents for the sick, a shortage of medical supplies, and an obviously-stressed medical sector practically seems out of the Third World. I would expect to see pictures like this from some of the world's poorest, most war-torn nations, but not from Thailand. When I arrived in Thailand 21 years ago, it was clearly one the most spectacular countries on the planet, with an impressive medical system which really did take care of much of the people. To see these images is simply heartbreaking and, seeing the recent pictures of people sleeping in tents, sleeping on the street, and to read of people dying before they can get medical care; one has to wonder if Thailand has now slipped straight into the Third World?


Seller's market

Re: "Crisis sees acclaimed response unravel", (Opinion, July 12).

Just to show that we do pay attention, I'm sure Veera Prateepchaikul meant to say in his otherwise excellent article that "vaccines are a seller's market"… one in which demand exceeds supply and the seller can dictate conditions and price.


A reading choice

Re: "Obscene rich list", (PostBag, July 10).

The writer complains about the Bangkok Post publishing the "Thailand richest 2021 list" because he seems to think that it will upset those Thais who have lost their jobs as a result of the Covid pandemic.

How does he know that they will be upset about seeing this list? Who elected him to be the representative, the voice and the spokesperson for those Thais that have lost their jobs? Does the writer know any Thais that have lost their jobs, and has he asked them how they feel about the list? I think it most unlikely that they would be bothered about it, but, like with almost all news stories, the headline gives the game away. If the headline does upset you then don't read the story.


Posture police?

It's probably only a matter of time before the operator of the Skytrain, BTSC, dispatches a corps of "posture police" to enforce its ban on people crossing their legs while riding the city's trains. Given the current need for social distancing, however, I hope they will be lenient for the time being by allowing passengers to carve out a little extra distance among themselves by crossing their legs or ankles.

Samanea Saman


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