Merger a disaster

Re: "Telecom mega-merge faces hurdles," (Business, Nov 23) and "Mobile merger seen as perilous," (Business, Nov 24).

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission is such a useless regulatory agency. It should allow foreign competitors to enter the Thai mobile and internet market. If this DTAC/True merger goes through Thailand will have two major mobile corporations and they can split the market with little to no competition. A duopoly, so to speak. Soon, consumers will see their mobile and internet bills skyrocket. That is why we need a few low-cost local mobile operators or a few foreign mobile operators to keep competition going.

Shaking up English

Re: "Take English action," (PostBag, Nov 24).

Having taught English to all levels, from kids through to under-grad and grad programmes along with adult executives, I have a few ideas that would help:

1) Only hire people who are real teachers with either an English or Education degrees.

2) Class sizes need to be reduced to no more than 20 students.

3) Allow for testing to include actual speaking.

Darius Hober
China leads the way

Re: "New green frontier," (Asia Focus, Nov 22).

China has clearly "got it" when it comes to recognising the vast potential of clean technologies needed for addressing address climate change and pollution threats and, at the same time, generating huge income and employment. Rather than clinging desperately to dead-end technologies such as coal-fired power generation and internal-combustion engines for transport, China has carved out leadership positions in developing and implementing clean renewable power and transport.

By starting early in nurturing the solar and wind sectors, China became a global leader in producing and selling the materials and technologies needed to generate clean power. China has a long way to go to shed its dependence on outdated dirty technologies, but its progress in the past decade has been truly astounding.

'Culture' no excuse

Re: "Time to move on," (PostBag, Nov 25).

I'm in total agreement with Mr Saman's opposition to animal fighting in Thailand. The fact that such barbarity is legal can be seen as another example of how Thais are Buddhists in name only.

I don't care if such cruelty is part of a cultural tradition. So was slavery in America. "Culture" simply means the way people do things. If what they're doing is good then keep it that way. If what they're doing is wrong and cruel, then change it. That simple!

Colonial benefit

Re: "English gets raw deal," (Editorial, Nov 22).

As hurtful as it may seem to Thailand, which is proud of not being colonised, countries that were colonised seem to have remarkably good English-speaking populations. Colonisation did have some advantages for those not too proud to use them.

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