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See the real problem

Re: "Protesters call for lower cost of living", (BP, Dec 1).

While their specific suggestions proposed by labour groups and activists demanding the government reduce the cost of living are not unreasonable, the protesters should also address the deeper problem, which is the grossly unjust distribution of the wealth in the Thai nation.

When 1% own 67% of the nation's wealth (Credit Suisse, 2018), something is seriously amiss. But of course, gross inequality cannot plausibly be a result of Thai laws against free speech which exist to prevent discussion of the cumulative injustices.

It would not suit the 1% to allow transparency, openness or accountability to mess up the injustice being manifested in inequality of wealth distribution that reflects the Thai reality that many people are "more equal" than the struggling masses whose work has created Thailand's national wealth.


More racist reports

Re: "Govt hunts for African visitors", (BP, Dec 2).

The racists in the media and in governments were blaming the new variant on the "unvaccinated" South Africans. It is reported that the virus may have originated in the Netherlands where there is massive vaccination.

I am telling you, dear readers, we have to speak out now. These liars are controlling all the "information" we're getting.

Incidentally, The European Journal of Epistemology Vaccine reported that in 68 countries studied there was no correlation between the rates of vaccination and the rate of infection.


It's Nok's own fault

Re: "Nok Air laments dearth of passengers", (Business, Dec 2).

So Wutthiphum Jurangkool is lamenting the lack of passengers. I wonder why. Did Nok also take notice of the complaints about their phones not being answered either using the local number or the overseas number? All were met with the recording of "hold the line for a moment because our people are too busy doing something else". Try holding the line for 20 or more minutes.

Of course someone from Nok replied and said things would improve. Well, here is breaking news. Nothing has changed. Two days ago I tried calling their number and got the same, tired recording. I then called their number at an airport in a different city and guess what? Someone actually answered and then told me to call the number that is never answered because they could not help me. When I wrote to Wutthiphum via their website to complain about them cancelling two flights my wife was supposed to take, I got the same response as their phone number -- no answer. So I don't feel sorry for Nok. You reap what you sow.


A woman's choice

Re: "Supreme Court to hear challenge to abortion law", (BP, Dec 1).

The current challenges to Roe vs Wade are off target. A growth in a woman's body, kidney or foetus, belongs to her and her alone. If there is a loss it is hers. Women decide who compose the next generation and it irks Catholics. Try reading the constitution.


Puzzling figures

Re: "Police street racing crackdown sees 20k bike seizures", (BP, Nov 23).

I found it interesting that police confiscated some 20,000 motorcycles in their crackdown on racing, but only 1,000 arrests were made.

Were the other 19,000 motorbikes perhaps operated by remote control, or were they employing new driverless technology?


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