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Ouster backfired

Re: "Prayut staying put," (BP, Oct 1).

Just as I suspected, the attempts by Pheu Thai Party members and others to remove Prayut early from office have backfired.

They should have left well enough alone and let Prayut remain leader of Thailand until March of next year. Their short one-month victory of taking Prayut out of office has truly turned out to be only a pyrrhic one.

Instead of having to leave next year, the Constitutional Court has now declared that Prayut's tenure as prime minister started 5 years ago, meaning he can contest next year's election and stay on for a couple more years.

The betting here is that Prayut will put together some sort of coalition with other parties and rule the nation after next year's elections.

An Expat in Thailand

Not as happy as some

Re: "Prayut's staying put," (BP, Oct 1).

Sept 30, 2022 was a sad day for Thailand and the Thai people.


No ignoring treason

Re: "Prayut staying put," (BP, Oct 1).

So, the Constitutional Court declared Prayut was not prime minister in 2014. They seem not to have aligned themselves with the "spirit" of the law. The new constitution does not want somebody to be prime minister more than eight years.

In this spirit, it should not matter when the constitution was promulgated. They seem also not to take into account that anyone launching a coup is committing treason and belongs in jail.

PS: I am not surprised business leaders hail the decision as promoting stability; the "stability" to allow them to amass further billions at the expense of the people.

Karl Reichstetter

Jellison's true colours

Re: "We are on the edge," (PostBag, Oct 1).

Jason E Jellison has revealed his true colours with his statement that "I happen to mainly support Russia in their Ukraine security action".

Putin's war on Ukraine is not a "security action", nor is it a "special military operation".

It is an illegal invasion and annexation of the territory of a sovereign nation and, with the accompanying war crimes, there is no better proof that Russia's neighbours need the protection that Nato membership requires.

Given that one of Putin's flimsy excuses for this invasion was that having another Nato member was a "threat" to Russia, he must be somewhat dismayed that it looks to have rightly earned Nato two new members on its northern borders, countries who prior to this war saw no reason to join it.

Tarquin Chufflebottom

The sour taste of milk

Re: "Celebrating World School Milk Day," (Online, Sept 29).

This is just another example of how society puts the profits of the dairy industry above the health and safety of their children.

Since it's estimated that 75–95% of Asians are lactose-intolerant, this "celebration" is a crime against children's health and welfare.

The late Dr Bill Harris who was a vegan had asthma as a child and was cured when he stopped drinking dairy milk.

There is no species on this entire planet that needs to drink the milk of other species.

Mother's milk for infants is the only milk any species in the history of the word has ever needed to drink.

And I challenge anyone in the medical establishment to cite even one exception to that rule.

Eric Bahrt

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