Apec's echo

Re: "Nuan is the cat's whiskers at Apec", (PostScript, Nov 20).

The scores of things that happened during the Apec meeting in Thailand will be soon forgotten. There is nothing worth remembering unless we hear it. Amazingly, voices are the only thing that get imprinted in our memory. Our voices and the sound of music are the only attributes that seem immortal.

People preserve artefacts of all kinds to remember the dead. But only the voices, the sound, and the music energise our flesh and soothe our souls. It doesn't matter whether it is the voices of leaders like Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, or the voices of singers such as The Beatles, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gay. The mystery of mysteries, our voices, the rhythms of sound, and the music will always remain lingering in the air.

Kuldeep Nagi

Planned pandemic

Re: "Review Covid drug policy", (Editorial, Nov 21).

There are cheap and effective medicines available to treat Covid-19 infections. The problem is that because they are cheap and freely available, there is no way for Big Pharma, hospitals and doctors to make any money from the "planned pandemic".

A study this month showed that vitamin D plays a major role in preventing Covid-19 infection. Vitamin D is readily produced for free if one cares to sit in the sun for a while. We all know that Thais would reject that idea, so daily vitamin D supplements solve that problem.

The reality is the people of the world have been lied to by their governments, Big Pharma, medical universities, hospitals and doctors. Excess deaths not related to Covid are rising at an alarming rate yet the media, under the orders of their government masters, do not question why. Thousands of sudden deaths of young, fit and healthy people within days of the Covid-19 jab, and yet the media is silent.

David Mannion

Fifa vs One Love

Re: "European teams won't wear 'OneLove' World Cup armband", (Sport, Nov 21).

It is disappointing to read of Fifa's caving to the intolerance that Qatari officials insist on to protect their fragile sensibilities and shield their citizens from exposure to what is good, just, beautiful and right.

Despite no one disputing that Qatar has every right to make such laws as it sees fit, Fifa players from democratic nations have every right to protest such unjust laws that flatly contradict their beautiful sport's own embrace of inclusivity.

Regarding the comments by former Qatari international and World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman that being homosexual is "damage in the mind", it should be noted the only damaged minds are those that in 2022 could still hold such a backward notion, one more fitting for a primitive, cloistered desert culture of patriarchy than any modern society.

But I feel most sad for the outnumbered Qatari people who love members of the same sex. They are forced by their fellow citizens and the state that should care for them into dark closets haunted by the risk of anyone knowing who they really are. Qatari law and social norms thereby breed dishonesty and distrust in society, along with the hatred and intolerance dictated by the religion that the state dictates all be subject to.

Felix Qui
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