Challenging China

Re: "Triads exposed", (PostBag, Dec 6).

The writer, under the nom de guerre of Sad Optimist, shows a pessimistic view of the triads, and lumping them with the group of underground Chinese purported to be working for China's government is somewhat unfair. One is greedy for wealth and another is doing it for the love of country -- rightfully or wrongfully.

After seeing the aftermath of Sihanoukville in Cambodia following the early promotion of Chinese investments in casinos and tourism which turned sour, one can only thank the police force and Khun Chuvit Kamolvisit for making it less possible for those Chinese to rule in infamous activities via corrupting some officials again. Although Thai police are not pure or perfect, just like some Western countries, at least there are some forces showing a sense of decency in arresting the trend -- enough is enough.

It is disheartening to read a letter damning this good deed when it deserves encouragement.

Songdej Praditsmanont

RTA transparency

Re: "Eight students found needing dialysis after army training", (BP, Dec 4).

The 4th Army Region forced students to undergo training which RTA doctors later found to be inappropriate for their physical condition, sending 23 to the hospital, including eight with acute kidney injuries. Worse, the RTA was apparently unconcerned about their trainees -- the matter only came to light when a mother posted on Facebook that her son was in critical condition from acute dehydration and damaged muscle tissue.

Each time such an unfortunate incident happens, the RTA promises to set up a committee to investigate and fix what went wrong. But we never hear what the probe found, who's been held accountable, what's been fixed, and why taxpayers, who have a vested interest that their money funding the RTA is used prudently, can be assured such a mistake will not happen again.

For example, in Tak Bai, some 85 anti-government protesters, bound hand and foot, suffocated to death while being transported by the RTA. That was almost two decades ago, yet the public remains ignorant of what went wrong.

The media should play a constructive role by asking 4th Army spokesman Maj Gen Promote Prom-in for an update on the probe findings and remedies implemented every 30 days from now, and publishing his reply.

Burin Kantabutra

Cartoon in bad taste

Re: "Arbeit Macht Frei", (Editorial Cartoon, Dec 6).

The cartoon showing the rail entrance to Auschwitz with the caption "New Kanye Track" is in very poor taste.

Kanye West, the American rapper, is a Holocaust denier who believes that Auschwitz wasn't such a bad place.

By publicising obnoxious views in simplistic and ambiguous terms, the "cartoon" helps to stimulate interest in Holocaust denial arguments. Holocaust denial requires seasoned commentary and not "cartoon" pictures which can rebound all too easily.

Barry Kenyon
06 Dec 2022 06 Dec 2022
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