Heroic effort

Re: "Rescuers save trapped toddler from deep well," (BP, Feb 8).

Let's all offer a heartfelt "thank you" to the rescue workers who worked for 18 hours through the night to rescue the toddler who had fallen into a well in Tak.

What an incredible job under difficult circumstances and a shining example of how to do things properly. It may not have the glamour or publicity of an international cave rescue, but it's a commendable achievement, nonetheless.

Tarquin Chufflebottom

Golden opportunity

Re: "'Negligent' Nate seeks NACC seat," (BP, Feb 7).

Reading that Nate Natsuk was applying for a position on the NACC gave me that awful feeling of deja vu. The report said did the same thing a year ago, and this is his fourth application.

Then I recalled a story about a deputy secretary general who was dismissed from this organisation after it was discovered he had some 650 million baht that he couldn't account for. Looks to me like Mr Nate has decided this job has benefits even his previous one couldn't offer.


Wrong assumption

Re: "Living off welfare," (PostBag, Feb 8).

Legal immigration is based on economic reasons. The argument made by "An Expat in Thailand" is a usual stereotyping of some immigrants as suckers or lazy. In the US, politicians often make the same argument against blacks, Mexicans, and many others.

Racial discrimination against minorities is the root cause of the problems in many countries. This expatriate must know that in the US, it is the natives that are forced to live off welfare. All others came from European countries for the reasons he is questioning.

Kuldeep Nagi

Open loop madness

Re: "Unis must embrace 'Open-Loop'," (Opinion, Feb 8).

Whilst I find the idea in the article interesting, it must be a nightmare to implement and administer. The way Prof Worsak Nukunchai describes it shows exactly that it is what it is.

"An open loop system is a control system which does not have any feedback connected to it. In an open loop system, the output is neither measured nor fed back for comparison with the input!"

Therefore, students drift in and out of the university without any control, let alone feedback. I am a lecturer and I consider any feedback I give to students as an essential part of my teaching and guidance.

And yes, some degree or emphasis on some degree of control.

A seven-year undergraduate programme is far too long. I just wonder what is such a degree called -- a loopy degree?

The fanciful idea that a student can hop in and out of any university, without any supervision and assessment of the results, drift from employer to employer or organisation he fancies is loopy.

How do I assess a student who may have been absolutely useless to an employer? Or who is sunning himself for 6 months on Koh Tao?

In my day, it was called "Jack of all trades, master of none!"

Miro King, going loopy
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