Leadership problem?

Re: "PM wants swift action on 'Patani State' probe", (BP, June 13).

The seminar on the Pattani campus of Prince of Songkla University last week, calling for a referendum on an independent Muslim "Patani State" in the Deep South, seems to have caught security authorities by surprise.

Speakers at the seminar included representatives from two parties who are to be part of the incoming coalition government.

Are we to understand that Mr Pita and the MFP are leading their coalition partners from a position of weakness -- that resulted in this unnecessarily more intense national security threat?

Vint Chavala

Respect poll results

Re: "Not the majority", (PostBag, June 13) & "Senators still the biggest threat to Pita", (Opinion, June 12).

Vint Chavala was a big supporter of the junta and took cheap shots at me for opposing it.

He writes that Thais believe the King should be the head of the country.

I believe the president of the United States should be the head of America. But that doesn't mean we can't criticise him.

Khun Vint's comment has nothing to do with the lese majeste law.

Chavala is an elitist who couldn't care less about what the average Thais think. Otherwise, he would respect their wishes that were clearly expressed in the last election.

Eric Bahrt

No change there

Re: "On Chiang's orders", (PostBag, June 10).

While the writer may be correct that former Taiwanese leader, Chiang Kai-Shek, did act in a ruthless manner and launched a reign of terror against his communist opponents in the late 1940s, the fact remains that today Taiwan is a democracy, while China is still not.

So, while there may have been some undemocratic things which occurred at the outset of the Taiwanese nation, the fact remains they happened a long time ago and bear no resemblance to what modern-day Taiwan is like, while communist China remains every bit as authoritative as it was at its founding around the mid-20th century.


Beware of the robots

Re: "AI is not going to wipe humans out just yet", (Opinion, June 5).

I am not faintly religious, but I do believe the various faiths contain wisdom and warnings that should be considered carefully.

Neither do I wear a tin-foil hat or adhere to the prophecies of Nostradamus.

As such, I think the interpretation of the Anti-Christ who overshadows Armageddon in the Book of Revelations is not human; the same goes for alter-egos elsewhere in other scriptures.

It is artificial intelligence (AI) and thus highly alarming, like the Doomsday Clock's ticking.

Boris Lin-Lee
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