Transit tune-up

Re: "PM orders shakeup at airport", (BP, Feb 6).

Kudos to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin for wanting to see progress with his own eyes regarding intervention to speeding up procedures for travellers at Suvarnabhumi airport. While he's at it, may I suggest he visit Don Mueang airport to look into speeding up the taxi queue there.

When we got hold of our queue ticket for a taxi last month, there were, based on the queue display, 191 waiting customers before us. Suffice it to say that the waiting room was full. In the end, we took an airport bus, arriving in the city centre about half an hour after boarding.

S de Jong

Crisis wanted?

Re: "PM rejects MFP wallet barbs", (BP, Feb 13).

Sretta Thavisin may be the only prime minister in history to wish a state of crisis be declared in the country he leads to facilitate a digital wallet cash that he promised voters at the last election.

Time is running out, and the only way Pheu Thai can officially borrow the 500 billion baht is if the country is declared to be in crisis. Well, clearly, trade figures and everyone except our prime minister believe the country is not in a crisis.

However, over 100 financial experts have warned that the economy can ill afford the massive 500 billion baht giveaway. The 10,000-baht scheme is flawed in so many ways. Not least restricting the poorest citizens to shop at local retail outlets owned by Thai billionaires and subject to 7% VAT on every purchase.

Please, prime minister, don't be pressured further by Thailand's most divisive political family.

Consult with the Minister of Finance and have a good heart-to-heart talk with yourself.

Peter Jeffreys

A familiar tune

Re: "Pita's change in tune", (PostBag, Feb 3).

I was wondering where Vint Chavala, the writer of this letter, was all this time.

Sure enough, he comes back with his predictable brand of conservatism in Thai politics, for which he is so well known.

He constantly was against the Move Forward Party (MFP) leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, both before and immediately after the election, and was glad that the MFP did not take the reins of the government, even after it democratically won last year's race. But now he finally applauds Mr Pita for implying that all he wants for Thailand is a "democratic regime of government with the King as the head of State".

And what about putting Mr Pita back to where he belongs as the leader of the Thai nation? Well, Vint Chavala makes no mention of this!


Ambitious goals

Re: "We will put Suvarnabhumi airport …", (InQuote, Feb 13).

Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit said he would improve our airport so it makes the list of 20 best airports in the world.

On Sept 2, 2021, the Post reported that the ranking plunged from 13th to 66th within 10 years. To improve the ranking from 66th to 20th within four years, our minister deserves a Nobel prize if he succeeds.

Songdej Praditsmanont
13 Feb 2024 13 Feb 2024
15 Feb 2024 15 Feb 2024


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