Message to despots

Re: "Pita 'most favoured' to be next PM: poll", (BP, March 25).

The results need to be examined with care and not with euphoria. It is irrelevant which personality the public wants to be PM. What the poll does show is the direction in which Thailand's political maturity is developing.

The people's choice of a democratic governing political party grows. This poll is a slap in the face to the traitors running this country and the Thaksin family nominees. A judicial coup can only last a short time. Then the choice will be a stark one. To the current despots, fold up your tents and leave the arena. If you try another coup, there will be blood in the streets. To the patriots and youth of the country, take what is rightly yours.

Reality Bites
Always a workaround

Re: "The next two-wheel revolution", (Business, March 6) & "Engines of progress", (PostBag, March 24).

Noisy motorcycles are a distraction for sure, especially when revved up between tall glass buildings and in little alleyways. I was sympathetic until I read the suggestion that all motorcycles should be electric.

Please excuse me but I immediately thought of the fortune to be made by selling aftermarket noisy exhaust pipes for all the electric motorcycles.

Corrupt is the word

Re: "A day of reckoning", (PostBag, March 14).

Commenting upon the plight of the Move Forward Party (MFP), Vint Chavala proclaims that for all the tricks the party has pulled, it has failed to realise that politics is a tricky business.

Yeah, right. Politics here is such a tricky business that Thailand has attained the status of being one of the few countries in the world where the winner of a democratic election was barred from office by the courts!

There is nothing magical that Pita Limjaroenrat could have done to change the result.

Rather than being a tricky business, what the Thai senators who barred Pita from taking office proved is that Thai politics is a corrupt enterprise.

A Foreigner In Thailand
History lesson

Re: "Simon Harris looks set to be youngest premier", (World, March 26).

The Bangkok Post carried a Bloomberg piece about the vacant Irish prime minister position.

This included Sinn Fein, which had links with the IRA.

Untrue, it is common knowledge and has been for decades that Sinn Fein and the IRA are/were one and the same thing.

Arthur Gorton
Anti-vax downside

This is a call-out to anti-vaxxers: If the anti-Covid vaccine is so harmful (in your view), then how do you explain the 2021 Olympics? Every one of the thousands of athletes who went to compete in Japan was required to get a vaccine beforehand.

Yet not one came down with any adverse effects, not one was sick or had magnets stick to their foreheads.

They are the premier athletes of the planet, and some world records were set. Are anti-vaxxers also against polio vaccines for youngsters?

Two of my best friends got polio in their youth. I wouldn't wish polio on my worst enemy. Polio is almost eradicated from humankind worldwide. Do anti-vaxxers want to bring back polio and other diseases which could be wiped out by vaccines?

Ken Albertsen
A little downtime

Re: "How to make babies", (PostBag, March 29) & "B30 fertility treatment to tackle low birth rate", (BP, March 24).

Ray Ban's suggestion to have a deliberate internet outage may well boost the birth rate. Some 8-10 months after the power outage in New York, there was a 17% increase in live births.

Milan Ladislav Nossek
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