Peace symbol gone wrong

A group of pro-election and anti-violence supporters gathered in Pathum Thani and attempted to form a peace sign with lighted candles. But it turned out to be the logo of German luxury car maker Mercedes Benz.

About 1,000 supporters of the so-called white shirt group got together in Thanyaburi district on Tuesday night, calling on the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), led by former Democrat Party MP Suthep Thaugsuban, to end their prolonged anti-government protests.

The white shirts joined candle-light activities to express their opposition to violence and a potential coup and to support democratic elections.

Several white shirts lit their candles in the shape of a peace symbol on the ground but they somehow got it confused with the Mercedes Benz logo.

The picture of the incomplete peace symbol was taken and shared widely on social networks, and had drawn mostly comical comments from netizens.

One internet user wrote it was astonishing that none of the white shirts in the area knew about the mistake, while another quipped that the German automaker probably paid the white shirts to do an advertisement.

Photos by Pongpat Wongyala

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