There is an art to hitting chip shots
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There is an art to hitting chip shots

Try and keep your wrists firm throughout the chip shots.

No matter how good you are, you will miss some greens throughout the round.

And when you do miss greens, you will need to get the ball close so you can save your par.

Chipping comes easy to some and hard to others, mainly because the ball travels a relatively short distance. But there is an art to hitting these short shots. Before you even think about hitting the required shot, you will need to select the proper club.

To be able to visualise the shot shape, you will need and practise with all clubs to find out what will work for you and how the ball reacts.

Adjust the loft on the club either by opening the clubface to add loft or leaning the club forward to take away loft. The amount of loft you use will be determined by the type of shot you wish to hit.

Lean the shaft forward more when you want to create additional roll, maintain your balance, and properly pivot to make that crisp contact.

Pivoting correctly will also allow you to maintain the loft on the club and keep the clubhead stable.

A firm right and left wrist through contact will assist stability and promote consistency.

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