Strike the ball consistently and cleanly

Strike the ball consistently and cleanly

Thanks for last week's feedback on the golfing use of shoulders in the backswing, which is to charge up momentum by coiling the body to be in the position to unleash power during the swings transition.

As you wind up the backswing, your lead shoulder drops and both shoulders should rotate almost 90 degrees away from your target.

This points your chest in the opposite direction of your target, with your lead shoulder lower than the other at the top of your swing.

A conventional golf swing will tend to have the angle of the shoulder plane perpendicular to the spine angle at the top of the backswing, which places the angle of your body pointing down towards the ball which helps you swing on plane.

The head position should remain fixed during the backswing, and a good reference to indicate you have made a full shoulder turn is to see your lead shoulder sitting underneath your chin at the top of your swing.

It is now up to our shoulders to get the upper body returning back to the same position at setup when you can strike the ball consistently and cleanly.

The final work of the shoulder turn is the follow through, which starts with the trail shoulder dropping to initiate this movement.

Try for a strong finish to your swing by having your shoulders continue your turn back through the ball until they come to a standstill.

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