Rotate your shoulders in perfect way
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Rotate your shoulders in perfect way

It's important to continue turning past the point of impact so you can maximise clubhead speed when you meet the ball without pulling out of the shot.

This sees your chest facing directly at your target at the end of your swing, which indicates you've got your whole body through the shot which is key to a successful shot.

The typical finish position in the follow through sees the lead shoulder just lower than the trail shoulder with the club resting behind your head.

This gives you a visual cue to check whether your shoulder plane is too steep or too shallow so you can get your swing on plane and hit the ball accurately.

The shoulders in the golf swing are often overlooked but carry a crucial role in generating powerful and consistent shots.

So, if you can perfect your shoulder rotation it will lead to more distance and consistency.

Remember that the rotation on either side of the address and impact positions are near enough mirrored versions of each other, seeing one of the shoulders lower than the other.

I recommend dedicating a few sessions at the range to getting your shoulder turn perfected and before long, your rotation will be second nature.

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