Solve chicken wing problem with this drill

Solve chicken wing problem with this drill

The "chicken wing" scenario happens in the backswing or takeaway -- a glove or headcover under the armpit during practice will hinder this issue.

We have all tried this practice procedure but the major flaw whilst actually hitting balls with something under your armpit was to have the right hand come off the club slightly at impact resulting in a loss of control but persevere, as when we place a glove under the right armpit, it helps to keep the arm close to the body and keeps our hand connected to the club longer. If you have a problem with the left arm, place the glove or headcover under the left armpit.

During a practice session hit a series of balls using this drill and then hit a series of balls without.

Repeating this during a practice session will help you stay better connected and keep your elbow tighter to your body.

If you struggle with both arms getting disconnected with the body, use a golf towel.

Wrap the towel around your chest and under both armpits. Take a few practice swings and you'll instantly feel more connected with your arms and body.

Focusing on the elbows in your setup can be the basis of a very compact technique resulting in very consistent ball striking.

The natural function of the elbow and arms in the golf swing is a straightening and folding that mirrors one another from backswing to follow through.

Strangely there's not much instruction or advice given on the function or position of the elbows in the golf swing. Many golf coaches ignore the overall position of the elbows and advice on this can only be found in the most scientific golf books.

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