Grip correctly to reach your full potential

Grip correctly to reach your full potential


If you have a questionable grip, the chances are you're not going to reach your full golfing potential. A bad grip will force you to make unconventional swing adjustments to be able to hit the ball squarely.

Changing a bad grip into a good one requires considerable practice & patience; however, one grip does not fit all. The interlocking grip with the forefinger laced between the little finger and the ring finger of the bottom hand is one grip you can try. The overlapping grip, with the little finger of the bottom hand resting on top of the hollow formed between the forefinger and the middle finger of the top hand is the most widely used and another you could experiment with.

The last grip is the two-handed or ten-finger grip, sometimes called the baseball grip which is especially good for women, juniors and older players who may lack strength. It should be noted that like our fingerprints all grips are not alike.

A top player can change their grip ever so slightly to draw, fade, slice or hook the ball, a really good player feels it and it happens. With all three grips resist placing your left thumb straight down the club. Try and position the thumb a little to the right, the reasoning for this is that at the top of the backswing this thumb wants to be underneath the club for control.

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