Hands must be touching each other

Hands must be touching each other

Thank you all for the feedback from last week's tip on the grip.

It really doesn't matter which of golf's three grips we use.

However, one fundamental is that the hands must be touching each other.

They should be joined as one unit and feel like they are melted together.

Find a grip that fits you and feels good and then just stay with it. If the ball is flying nicely, your grip is all right.

But if you keep messing around, you will find yourself making a mistake on your backswing to correct for your new grip and then making another mistake on your downswing to correct the mistake you made on your backswing.

Lastly, keep your grip pressure light as if you were cupping a bird in your hands.

The first thing I noticed as a young boy watching professional golfers play was their grips. They looked like a piece of art.

There is an artfulness to holding the club that goes beyond the craft of gripping it like a fine musical instrument.

Jack Nicklaus obviously had a good grip but it never looked naturally beautiful because his fingers are short, and he uses the interlocking grip which is not as appealing to the eyes.

Out of Bounds: Maturity is apologising when you're at fault, especially on a golf course, and admitting your mistakes whilst learning how to not make them again.

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