Develop right muscles with weighted club

Develop right muscles with weighted club

I'm asked regularly on how you put backspin on iron shots. The obvious answer is that if you hit the ball solidly, the loft of the club will automatically put backspin on it. But my answer is invariably too simple, as the average golfer thinks there's a secret that makes a middle-iron shot land on the green and dance backwards.

The reality is that when you hit an approach shot from 140 yards or so, are you usually past the hole, or are you usually short of it? -- the answer is nearly always short -- so why are we obsessed with backspin.

Every young and old golfer should own a heavy practice club because swinging a weighted club, with your regular grip and stance, is the best exercise for developing the correct muscles for golf. Swing a weighted club the night before you head to the first tee and not 10 minutes before, save your strength for the golf course. Don't swing too hard and if it's inconvenient to go outside, swing the weighted club indoors -- in slow motion. A slow-motion swing develops the golf muscles and installs the correct club positions in your golfing brain. Every time you swing a weighted club aim the clubhead at a fixed spot. Learn a good habit while you are building golf muscles.

Out of Bounds: When people ask stupid questions it's your legal obligation to give a sarcastic reply.

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