Greenside trap is not a difficult shot

Greenside trap is not a difficult shot

Learn the fundamentals of bunker play and getting out effectively from a greenside trap is not a difficult shot. Firstly, grip as you normally would any other club, don't grip it shorter as this encourages you to take a full swing all the way to a high follow-through without quitting on the shot when the club strikes the sand. Grip it tightly with the little finger and ring finger of your left hand so the club won't roll over and close in the sand.

Play the ball with the shaft pointing at your belly button and hands slightly ahead. Take a square stance and open your clubface so that it points right of the target. Then open your stance by moving your left foot back and taking your hips and shoulders with it, so that your body is aimed left of the target, but the clubface has come around to aim straight at it.

Shift a little more weight onto the left foot than on the right. Now make a basic normal swing along the line newly established by your shoulders and body. Hit three or four inches behind the ball and clip the sand out from beneath it. The longer the shot, the less you hit behind the ball. The shorter the shot, the more sand you must take.

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