Slow motion drill refines your swing
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Slow motion drill refines your swing

This slow-motion drill you can do at home, and it takes much practice and many repetitions, but the time you spend at it will pay off on the golf course. This all-purpose drill is good for whatever may be the problem with your swing. You can do it indoors, so you can do it during bad weather.

This slow-motion exercise of swinging the club 'very' slowly to the top of the backswing whilst keeping your eye on a blade of grass or a pattern in the carpet that represents the ball. As you reach the top of your backswing, replace your left heel solidly on the ground and at the same time bring your right elbow in close to your body. Very, very slowly.

Bring the club down in extreme slow-motion about one third of the way toward the ball. Then stop a moment and hold it and feel it. Now start from your holding position and do it again -- swing slowly to the top, plant the left heel, bring the right elbow close to the body, and stop about one third of the way toward the ball. Do this four times in a row. Resist getting impatient and speed up. After four repetitions, go ahead and make a full swing at last -- still very slowly.

What is happening is that your golfing brain and your muscles are learning to start your downswing by planting your weight and moving your lower body to the left and coming to the ball from the inside with quiet hands, trailing and still cocked.

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