The crucial role of foot positioning
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The crucial role of foot positioning

To start any golf swing a forward press of some sort is required to start the action. Naturally we don't start many movements from a dead start. Your hands, hips, shoulders and legs will rock forward a little bit to help the reaction that gives the momentum needed for the backswing. This initiates the turn and the shift of the weight to the right foot; your hands will follow your turn into the backswing and your left heel will rise.

Many golfers fail to realise what a big difference in the length of the swing is caused by the positioning of the feet. See for yourself by standing in front of a mirror and take a normal stance. Then turn all the way to the top and take a look, then set up again but this time turn your left foot out and down the line. Make your backswing again and you'll see that it's several inches shorter. The moral of the story is that the average golfer adopts the stance of the top professionals they see on TV -- then wonder why their swings are so short. Interesting is that your foot position basically has no effect on where you're aiming but is extremely important to the length of your swing.

Out of Bounds: Be alert on the golf course. Some golfers have problems. Don't let them be your problem and don't ever allow their problems to affect your swing through their words and actions! Stay happy and tell them to bugger off.

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