Coordinate your body for success
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Coordinate your body for success

Turning away from the ball and then back through it again is, in reality, a simple movement that has been made to seem complicated by differing teaching theories.

As we all know 'the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bone is connected to the backbone, the back bone is connected to the shoulder bone therefore, to hit a good shot all of these twists and turns must be synchronised.

Stand erect with your knees slightly flexed, then turn your body to the right with your weight shifting to your right foot whilst allowing your left heel to come up about an inch. Let your arms swing up until the club shaft is behind you and points to the target. Now let your weight shift back to your left foot and at the same time your right elbow starts back towards your side. You will have to digest complex instructions about how to turn -- coiling the torso and shoulders against the tension of the hips for example. Many golfers are so concerned with their hip turn they forget that swinging the golf club is the main point. The turn should be a natural movement and that your bones are connected from the ground up.

Out of Bounds: You'll never see a happy ungrateful golfer and if you care about what they think you will always be their prisoner at the 19th.

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