Stop slicing! Simple tips to fix your swing
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Stop slicing! Simple tips to fix your swing

Tensing up, ruining your golf game? Master this one key weight shift

Slicing is caused by the hands leading the head of the club. Tenseness plays a big role in the clubface being open at impact. Anyone who is slicing realises that the harder they try to hit the more they will slice.

Be honest with yourself -- what you may find out in six months of gruelling practice a good coach can tell you in five minutes.

A ball lying badly is not worth hitting down deep to move it, better to get it slightly thin. Let the right hip take the club back and the left hip bring the club forward. Try holding your right shoulder back as long as possible to give your left side a chance to get through. Hold the head of the club off the ground if you are inclined to be tense. Let the hands start slightly before the head of the club on the backswing.

Out of Bounds: There are many golf teachers who say that they know the 'Magic Move' which is probably normal given the time devoted to studying the golf swing.

One to consider is starting your downswing by letting your weight shift to your left foot while bringing your right elbow back down to your body. This is one move, not two. Practice this move again and again.

You don't need a golf club to do it. Practice until you get the feeling and rhythm of it whilst looking at the spot where the ball is, this way your head stays back.

When you learn the left foot-right elbow move you will hit the ball as though it's magic. However, there is really no one Magic Move.

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