Essential chipping tips: Grip, stance, club choice
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Essential chipping tips: Grip, stance, club choice

The first important, foremost fundamental to learn about chipping is to try and keep your hands ahead of or even with the clubhead on the follow-through. Grip down slightly and flex your knees and keep the club near to you, instead of reaching out to the ball and move your weight a little more onto your left foot.

Loosen up your elbows as you're trying to hit the ball with your hands not with your arms or elbows. Make the backswing and your follow-through approximately the same length, as in a good putting stroke. Use the straightest face club that you feel comfortable and confident with as the club you chose has to be able to lift the ball up onto the green and start rolling towards the hole as soon as possible.

Under pressure around the green, always go to the straightest (lowest) club that will do the job. It may require a 3-iron to get the roll you need. Those of you who are lacking confidence should use a putter from off the green whenever it looks feasible, as nine times out of ten, you'll end up with a better result.

Out of Bounds: Off a downhill lie or a tight lie or into the wind or with a fast green, always choose to chip the ball rather than pitch it.

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