Focus on the technique, not pressure
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Focus on the technique, not pressure

Focus on technique, not pressure Stay calm and sink every shot

Like chipping, the first fundamental to learn about the putting stroke is to try to keep your hands even with or in front of the head of the putter on the follow through. The putting stroke is an individual matter however, the routine before the ball is struck should be that you read your line from behind the ball. Walk to the ball from behind and take your stance with your hands slightly ahead of the ball or straight up. Look at the hole and look at your putter face to make sure it's square to your line.

Take one, two or three practice strokes, concentrating on each one as if you're trying to make the putt whilst judging the distance. Then put your putter head down behind the ball, keep your head and eyes still and imitate your last practice stroke.

The value of this system is that it puts your mind on the stroke and not on the importance of the putt. Don't allow yourself to think about what is riding on the putt, whether it's for something big or to win a 50-baht bet. Hit the putt as you have hit 10,000 putts in the past. Concentrate on imitating your final practice stroke, not on what will happen if you either miss it or make it.

Out of Bounds: "Everything that irritates me about certain irritating golfers leads to a better understanding of my own game".

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