School dress scam to end up in court

School dress scam to end up in court

The Education Ministry will take legal action against staff and executives of the state-owned Suksapan store involved with scandalous purchase of over 500,000 student uniforms.

A ministry committee headed by Thanetpol Thanabunyawat will assess the case, and take action against the Business Organisation of the Office of the Welfare Promotion Commission for Teachers and Educational Personnel, or Suksapan store.

The move comes after a fact-finding panel, set up by the minister, found over 500,000 student uniforms left in a warehouse, resulting from its executives' inventory mismanagement since 2006.

"It's impossible such a large amount of uniforms would be stocked if someone has not received commissions on the purchases," Mr Thanetpol said. About 100 million baht in damage was caused, he added.

"All Suksapan's executives and officers involved in this case must take legal responsibility for what they did. They will face disciplinary action and civil suits even though some have since retired," Mr Thanetpol said.

The panel also found about 600 uniform items had gone missing from a warehouse. "Every Suksapan student uniform is an asset of the government, so we cannot allow even one missing piece," he said.

Suthep Chittayawong, a member of the committee, said most uniforms stocked in Suksapan's warehouse are still in good condition, and will now be sold.

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