Famous dog waiting for owner dies

Famous dog waiting for owner dies

Loung waits for her owner. (Photos by Thamsathit Polkhaw)
Loung waits for her owner. (Photos by Thamsathit Polkhaw)

A dog waiting for her owner on a roadside in Chanthaburi has died after being run over by a vehicle.

Loung, a three-year-old Thai breed, was found dead on Sukhumvit road in Muang district, where she had stayed for more than a year waiting for her owner to take her home, the Daily News reported on Sunday.

The picture was posted on Facebook by @Sun Patis, who confirmed that the dog was Loung.

The dog was reported to have waited on the roadside at Ban Nong Khon in the district for more than a year in the hope that her owner would come back to take her home. Local people in the area gave her food.

It was believed that she fell from a vehicle driven by her owner who was unaware of what happened.

Her story went viral on social media. Some people claimed to be her owner but the dog simply ran away into fruit orchards and refused to go with them.

"Rest in peace," one commentator wrote on pantip.com.

Many others, however, urged media outlets running the story with the picture of the dead dog in a pool of blood to drop the image.

The dog-lovers club in Chanthaburi is taking the corpse for burial in Tha Mai district.

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