People unite to pray for King's health

People unite to pray for King's health

At Bowon Niwet (above) and other wats, and at makeshift home services, Thais prayed for the health of the monarch after a Royal Household Bureau bulletin. (Photos by Chanat Katanyu)
At Bowon Niwet (above) and other wats, and at makeshift home services, Thais prayed for the health of the monarch after a Royal Household Bureau bulletin. (Photos by Chanat Katanyu)

Well-wishers nationwide have joined in reciting prayers to wish His Majesty the King good health following an announcement from the Royal Household Bureau (RHB) about the monarch's treatment.

According to the 37th announcement issued on Sunday by the RHB, royal doctors have performed haemodialysis on His Majesty the King and used drugs to control his blood pressure.

The bureau said doctors carried out haemodialysis on Saturday to purify his blood of toxins, and changed a tube that drains excess spinal fluid from 2pm to 4.40pm.

After the procedure, his blood pressure dropped occasionally, the bureau said.

Medicine was administered and doctors put His Majesty on a ventilator to bring his blood pressure back to normal levels.

At 3am on Sunday, the King's pulse was faster, and his blood pressure had subsided.

An inspection found higher levels of acid in the blood.

An echocardiogram found a sharp decline in the amount of blood being pumped into the lower left chamber of the King's heart as a result of high blood pressure in the lungs.

At 3pm, medicines were administered to enlarge blood vessels in the lungs.

His pulse and blood pressure improved after that.

"The medical team are watching his symptoms and giving treatment carefully because the overall symptoms of his sickness are still not stable," the statement said.

Numerous well-wishers flocked to the Siriraj Hospital Monday, and recited a Buddhist chant titled Bojjhanga Paritta (seven factors of enlightenment) from the Tripitaka scriptures to honour the good health and longevity of His Majesty the King. The chant is believed to help the recovery of those people suffering from illnesses and ward off bad fortune.

A group of elderly people also recited prayers in front of the statue of Prince of Songkla, the King's father, in the compound of Siriraj Hospital where the King has received treatment for many months.

Pimwara Pongsetthapat, a 49-year-old resident from Sathon district, said she had decided to go to the hospital after learning about the statement on the King's health, saying it was the least she could do for His Majesty the King.

Ms Pimwara said that she wanted to convey a message to His Majesty the King that people nationwide have united in giving him encouragement and moral support, and hoped that he would get better soon.

Ploy Kaewsawee, a 20-year-old woman from Bangkok Noi district, said yesterday that she had accompanied her grandmother to the hospital to join in the prayer chanting.

She said her family had been concerned about the His Majesty's the King's health.

Thipa Nujareeporn, 62, who comes from central Nakhon Pathom province, said she was confident the King will be able to acknowledge the moral support from his people, and will make a speedy recovery.

"We are confident that His Majesty the King will be aware of the moral support given by his people," she said.

Facebook pages such as "We Love Chakri Dynasty", and "The Royal Monarch Alert Protection Network", have also shared the texts of the Bojjhanga Paritta, and urged people to come together and chant prayers to wish His Majesty the King a speedy recovery.

Several temples, such as Wat Arun Ratchawararam (the Temple of Dawn) and Wat Bowon Niwet in Bangkok, as well as Wat Tha Mai in Samut Sakhon yesterday, held mass chanting ceremonies to wish His Majesty the King and members of the royal family good health.

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