Poll: 77% have little faith in law enforcement

Poll: 77% have little faith in law enforcement

A majority of people, or 76.8%, do not believe law enforcement is fair and indiscriminate, according to an opinion survey.

The poll, done on 1,116 people aged 18 or more all over the country, found 42.6% have the least confidence laws are being enforced fairly and indiscriminately while another 34.2% have little confidence.

Only 23.2% think they are being enforced fairly -- 6.5% with the most confidence and 16.7% with high confidence, according to the survey, which was done during May 9-12.

Asked what they thought would likely happen if the judicial system could not bring to justice influential people and some groups of government officials, almost a third think people would lose faith in the judicial process (32.7%), the number of bad people would increase (24.1%) and the belief that influence could acquit wrongdoers and justice could be bought would prevail (22%). Another 7.3% think the country's image would be tarnished.

On their views about the role of social media in uncovering truths, 78.6% think they should continue to do so because society would know and monitor developments (53.9%) and their role would help expedite cases (24.7%).

The remaining 21.4% don't approve of such a role of social media because a witchhunt could result (16.3%) and investigations could be affected (5%), according to the poll, which has a 95% confidence level and a ±3% margin of error.

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