Flying doctors at the ready

Flying doctors at the ready

The Thai medical industry started to use aircraft for medical purposes in 2009 to transport patients. Such flights require specific techniques, experience and equipment because the method is far more complicated than other means of transporting patients.

Apart from offering treatment to patients, the medical team who work in this field require professional training, especially in life-saving equipment and aviation physiology.

The National Institute for Emergency Medicine demonstrated how to transport emergency patients by air in rural areas at the Aviation Division of Police Division 8 in Surat Thani. Experts from the Bangkok Civil Aeromedical Centre at Bangkok Hospital, the National Institute for Emergency Medicine and the Police Aviation Division showed how it is done in a course involving 250 participants.

The purpose of the training was to enhance the ability of medical teams in rural areas to know how to safely handle emergency cases and transport patients by aircraft.

With collaboration from networks and organisations, there are more than 100 aircraft ready to serve this medical protocol. Those who need emergency help can call 1669 from anywhere in Thailand.

The centre is ready to send medical help for all circumstances and geographical locations.

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