Smart driver's licences launched

Smart driver's licences launched

The Land Transport Department has started issuing driver’s licences in a new format -- a smartcard with a QR code on the back -- to replace the paper ones in use for decades.

Existing paper licences can still be used until they expire while life licences can still be used without the need for replacement.

Director-general Sanit Promwong said Monday was the first day the new licences were issued to replace the paper ones, with the goals of meeting international standards and preventing forgery.

The fees remain the same and vary by vehicle types.

Drivers who want to have the new smartcard licences or to replace damaged ones can apply for the same fees.

“The smart card is more durable and offers high security. It has holographic overlays to prevent fraud. The front shows the name in Thai and English so it can be used in Asean without the need for international licences. It also shows the photo, licence type, registrar, as well as the issue and expiry dates.

The back contains the card ID and a magnetic strip that supports identification so it can be used with swipe machines for public transport, trucks and taxis or other vehicles to be defined by the department.

The QR code supports access and verification of additional data other than what is specified in the front. They include personal records, licence application and renewal data and fees with hierarchy data access. The code can be read by the department’s QR Licence mobile application, which requires registration. It will be available soon.

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