Runaway bride caught in Nakhon Pathom

Runaway bride caught in Nakhon Pathom

Seven men file complaints with crime suppression police on Tuesday. (Photo by Patipat Janthong)
Seven men file complaints with crime suppression police on Tuesday. (Photo by Patipat Janthong)

Crime suppression police have arrested the woman who allegedly married at least 12 men and ran off with the dowries in Nakhon Pathom province with one of her husbands while they were allegedly trying to escape.

A Facebook photo of Jariyaporn Buayai. (Facebook จริยาภรณ์)

The police acted on five warrants to arrest Jariyaporn Buayai on old charges of fraud and embezzlement in five provinces before she married those men. 

They caught her in tambon Kratumlom, Samphran district, a police source said late on Thursday.

They will likely hold a briefing on her case on Friday, he added.

Earlier on Thursday, Soipet Paleewal went to the CSD for interrogations, one day after she was on the list of persons to be summonsed.

Her name has been used by Ms Jariyaporn to allegedly fool at least a dozen grooms whose dowries were transferred to a bank account bearing Ms Soipet's name.

The name was also used by Ms Jariyaporn on a Facebook account to start romantic conversations with the victims which led to brief marriages and her fleeing with the money.

Ms Soipet, 27, admitted to knowing the runaway bride but denied receiving any money through the account she actually used.

She alleged Ms Jariyaporn, 32, had borrowed her ID card to apply for a job in Pattaya because the position required a younger applicant. The card was never returned so she decided to apply for a new one.

Ms Soipet said Ms Jariyaporn could possibly use her card to open another bank account and the Facebook account without her knowledge. An ID card is required to open a bank account at Thai banks. 

Pol Col Arun Vachirasrisukanya, a CSD investigator on the case, said her statements given to the police would be kept on record and sent to other police stations where the men had lodged the complaints on the case before some of them sought help from the CSD on Tuesday.

The CSD has not filed charges against Ms Jariyaporn as the investigators are collecting evidence from the victims and other witnesses.

Pol Col Arun said Ms Soipet could also be charged or set aside as a witness depending on how the probe was wrapped up.

Boonliang and Samrong Buayai, the parents of the bride, were also summonsed for interrogations since they allegedly showed up at all of their daughter's wedding ceremonies. They have yet to report to the police.

Both Ms Jariyaporn and Miss Soipet live in Loei.

Lawyer Songkran Achariysap, who took seven out of 12 men to the CSD, said on Tuesday Ms Soipet could be hired to open the bank account to receive money from Ms Jariyaporn's victims.

Soipet Paleewal meets Crime Suppression Division police on Thursday to deny any connections with runaway bride Jariyaporn Buayai. (Crime Suppression Division photo)

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