Ex-actress accuses major-general of rape
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Ex-actress accuses major-general of rape

A Crime Suppression Division officer takes a statement from a former actress who has accused a major-general of raping her on several occasions. (CSD photo)
A Crime Suppression Division officer takes a statement from a former actress who has accused a major-general of raping her on several occasions. (CSD photo)

A former well-known actress has accused an army major-general of raping her and asked the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) to take over her case after no progress was made by a Bangkok police station.

The 55-year-old woman, whose name was not revealed, says the rapes took place on more than five occasions. She filed a complaint with Hua Mak police on March 7 but they had made no progress, she said. 

On Saturday she submitted evidence, including a copy of the police complaint, records of Line messages and other material to Pol Lt Col Pirom Muangsai, investigation chief at the CSD’s 1st sub-division.

The former actress said she had got to know the major-general, the commander of an army circle, three years ago during a land dispute involving her relatives. In 2015, a cousin wanted to sell a plot in Khon Kaen to her for 3 million baht, but some other relatives wanted the plot. Consequently, the cousin and her two daughters were abducted and held for nearly 9 months by an influential figure. 

The woman said she too was almost abducted at the time. Someone then advised her to seek help from the major general, who was stationed in Buri Ram. The officer later phoned the influential figure to help clear up the problem.

In 2016, the woman said she wanted to seek a loan for a land deal in Khon Kaen. The major-general offered to introduce her to a money lender in the Northeast. She was in Pattaya at the time. He then told her to drive to his residence at a military camp to discuss the loan.

The woman said that because it was nighttime, she told him she would go to meet him and the lender in the morning, but he insisted that he was available that night as he often went to bed late.

When she arrived there, she said she found the man alone in the house. His wife and children were not present. The money lender was not there. The officer persuaded her to rest with him in his room and told her he posed no danger. 

Nothing happened at night, but the woman said she was sexually molested the following morning. She had tried to resist but failed. He later left for work, leaving her alone in the house.

She dared not flee for fear of danger to her life as she saw the man's subordinates guarding the house, recalled the woman, with a shaking voice, during Saturday's visit to the CSD.

The officer returned home in the evening and raped her again, she said. She complained and left his house but did not go to the police.

A year later, the officer contacted the woman after learning that she was having her house in Bangkok renovated. He asked her to meet him at a condominium in the Pattanakarn area, where he allegedly raped her again. He told her that he loved her and wanted to help her. He also threatened her not tell anyone about the affairs. After that he sexually assaulted her on several other occasions, claimed the woman.

She finally decided to file a complaint complaint at the Hua Mak police station last month before turning to the CSD for help.

Pol Lt Col Pirom said he had taken the woman's statement and would report the matter to his superior. However, he also suggested that she petition the Royal Thai Police Office to approve the transfer of the case.

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