Police officer shot dead by pregnant wife

Police officer shot dead by pregnant wife

PHANGNGA: A police officer was shot to death by his nine-month pregnant wife in Takua Pa district on Sunday morning, according to media reports. The woman claimed she acted in self-defence.

Pol Lt Col Sommit Buamat, an investigator at Talat Yai police station in Takua Pa district, was shot in the chest, abdomen, a leg and a hand by his wife, Orawan, 32, with a 9mm pistol, said Pol Lt Col Sarawut Soongsanga, a Takua Pa police investigator.

Mrs Orawan, who is nine-months pregnant and is due to give birth in a few days, waited for police with the gun at their house in tambon Bang Nai Si in Takua Pa district after the shooting.

Mrs Orawan was taken to the police station for questioning. She said she had a heated argument with her husband over family problems, including debts they had incurred for family expenses.

According to her statement, Pol Lt Col Sommit opened fire at her with the 9mm pistol, but the shot missed. She fought back and during a scuffle, her husband plunged from a bedroom window, dropping the gun on the bed. She picked up the gun and opened fire at him while he was lying below, killing him in front of their house.

Police recovered eight spent bullet cases from the room.

Pol Lt Col Sarawut said police investigators did not believe her statement. The woman was initially charged with premeditated murder and detained at the Takua Pa police station, pending further investigation.

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