Clinging in the rain

Clinging in the rain

People huddled under umbrellas or taking shelter from rain are a common sight now the monsoon season has arrived. In recent weeks Bangkok has seen its fair share of rain and flooding during storms.

According to experts, the amount of rainfall in the capital varies greatly, especially during storms. The city's many canals, which serve as water-retention areas, have to be managed carefully to make room for more water if heavy rain hits.

It takes City Hall three to four days to drain water out of a canal and keep it at a safe level in case of storms. Without a plan, canals will overflow and flood streets and low-lying areas.

To better manage drainage, City Hall is working closely with two state agencies the Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute under the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation under the Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives Ministry.

Radar images from these two agencies provide an accurate view of the weather situation covering large areas and the data helps City Hall plan water management and flood drainage measures.

However, even though City Hall has a management plan, it is caught off guard from time to time by massive amounts of rain, which result in floods.

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