Nuts about coconuts

Nuts about coconuts

Kanom krok, or coconut pancakes, is a popular and traditional Thai dessert.

To make it, soaked rice is mixed with (thin) coconut cream and grated coconut. Some salt is then added, after which it is placed in a special pan with various holes on it to cook.

Undiluted coconut milk is then applied at the top of the dessert.

Coconut milk, the key ingredient for kanom krok, contains various useful substances and vitamins, such as potassium, calcium, electrolyte as well as saturated fat.

Fatty acid in coconut milk is easily digested and transformed into power in the liver. It will not accumulate as fat, unlike other unsaturated fats.

Coconut milk also contributes to a better functioning thyroid gland and creates heat, and can be another boon to digestion. This underscores how coconut milk can help people lose weight.

The lauric acid in coconut milk is also known to support the immune system against viruses, bacteria as well as fungi. It can help ease sore throats and heal wounds.

Coconut milk is also an alternative for people who are allergic to animal milk, which contains lactose. It is applied in skin care products, to help the skin retain moisture, as well as in shampoo products.

Coconut milk contains health benefits and doesn't make you fat. Just don't consume too much.

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