DJ accused of dark web cat killing
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DJ accused of dark web cat killing

Police have questioned a DJ accused of crushing kittens for bitcoins but say so far they have no hard evidence. (Bangkok Post file photo)
Police have questioned a DJ accused of crushing kittens for bitcoins but say so far they have no hard evidence. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Animal rights groups are pursuing legal action against a female club DJ who they accuse of brutally killing an adopted kitten for bitcoins.

The groups said the kitten killing was featured in a video streamed on a secret website operated for people who monger violence.

However, police said they have not found any evidence to prosecute the DJ.

An animal welfare organisation and Watchdog Thailand (WDT) said on Sunday they would seek a meeting on Monday with Pol Maj Gen Sutthiphong Wongpin, acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, over the case.

The move came after a police complaint was filed by Isaraporn Samutklalin, 29, with Phetkasem police accusing a 30-year-old DJ of brutally killing a one-month-old male kitten she had recently adopted.

Following the complaint, another woman also came out to accuse the DJ of committing animal cruelty against one of two cats she had given to the DJ.

Police questioned the DJ and searched her condominium in Bangkok but found no evidence to support the accusation and said they could not press charges for the time being.

Pol Lt Col Sunthon Malawet, deputy chief of Phetkasem station, said police still have to wait for results of a forensic examination on the kitten after Ms Isaraporn insisted on the DJ handing back the kitten's remains.

In her complaint, Ms Isaraporn accused the DJ of killing the adopted cat and disembowelling it.

She previously posted on the social media her suspicion that the DJ may have killed the cat in a live stream on a dark website in exchange for anonymous electronic cash.

Ms Isaraporn said the dead cat was one of four cats her sister, who is a veterinarian, had put up for adoption.

Ms Isaraporn said the DJ agreed to take one of the kittens, but when she later tried to follow up on the cat's condition the DJ denied collecting the animal from the charity group handling the adoption.

However, video footage from a security camera showed she did collect the kitten, Ms Isaraporn said.

After being pressured to return the kitten, the DJ finally returned its corpse saying that it had been run over by a car.

Veterinarian Phattharanan Sajjarom, who works for Watchdog Thailand, said a preliminary forensic exam found the kitten's body bore evidence of a car accident.

The DJ is also facing another legal complaint from Nopparat Khamburanawit, who claims the DJ made up a story about how she lost one of two cats she sold her.

The DJ said the cat ran away from a veterinarian clinic in Bangkok.

However, Ms Nopparat said the clinic denied this. The unknown fate of cat has the woman concerned for its safety.

Killing kittens for fetishists online was one of the early rumours about the sometimes dreaded and secretive "dark web" lurking below the regular World Wide Web. Such reports have recurred, as recently as July.

According to the reports, which usually quote someone who knows someone who saw it, a site called Cruel Onion Wiki featured (according to several reports on "scantily clad or semi-nude women crushing and killing small animals - including kittens - under their feet."

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