'Kitty killer' DJ Sun had torture books

'Kitty killer' DJ Sun had torture books

'Disturbing' material found at her home

Police investigators have obtained key evidence against a female club DJ facing an animal cruelty charge for allegedly killing a kitten in a live stream broadcast on the dark web for fetishists.

The evidence was collected when police from Phetkasem searched Wararat Krasae's apartment on Krung Thon Buri Road and her parents' house in Bangkok's Thawi Watthana district, Pol Col Wutthichai Thaiwat said yesterday.

The evidence was found on the 30-year-old DJ's mobile phones, notebook, CPU and 16 books written in Japanese, he said. Two of the books were found to contain content about torturing humans and animals, Pol Col Wutthichai said.

He said some of the pictures and illustrations were too disturbing to be shown to the press.

When the kitten's body came into the possession of an animal rights group who conducted an autopsy, the results showed that some if not all of its internal organs had been removed.

Meanwhile, the potential evidence seized from the suspect's room has been passed to the Office of Police Forensic Science for examination, police said.

Pol Lt Gen Sutthiphong Wongpin, the acting commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, said he ordered the police to seek an arrest warrant for Ms Wararat, who goes by the alias "DJ Sun", since Wednesday.

"Investigators may probe further. Give them more time," he said.

Investigators have also been told to browse the dark web, especially a site the suspect is believed to have used and offered to torture animals in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Ms Wararat failed to show up on Wednesday to acknowledge the police charge, citing illness. She reportedly sought a postponement till Nov 5.

Police said she would be summoned again to appear on Oct 29.

Isaraporn Samutklalin, 29, has accused Ms Wararat of brutally killing an adopted kitten during a live stream on the dark web in exchange for bitcoin.

Ms Isaraporn filed a complaint with Phetkasem police in Bangkok. The accused DJ later handed over the dead kitten, saying it had been run over by a car.

Pol Col Wutthichai said a pathologist was examining the corpse and had hinted that its wounds suggested it may have been treated cruelly prior to its death. It is believed to have been killed very shortly, possibly within hours, of the suspect "adopting" it.

No other suspects or accomplices have been implicated in the case so far, police said.

If the recently gathered evidence proves sufficient on which to build a strong case, investigators will seek court approval to arrest the DJ without having to issue the second summons, Pol Col Wutthichai said.

Watchdog Thailand veterinarians handed more alleged evidence of animal cruelty by Ms Wararat to the Phetkasem police chief on Wednesday.

A second autopsy is reportedly being undertaken.

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