Virtual driving licence launched next month
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Virtual driving licence launched next month

Drivers will no longer have to carry licences after the Department of Land Transport (DLT) launches an electronic version of the ID in mid-January.

A user can install the DLT QR Licence mobile app for free by scanning the QR code in the picture above. After registering, it will connect with the department’s database and shows the images of both the front and back of his driving licence on the smartphone. When stopped by traffic police, he can then show the virtual card and the police can scan the QR code in the app to get more information about the driver.

The app can notify the user when his driver’s licence is about to expire and show the details of his traffic tickets. It can show his location in case of accidents or emergencies and provide some of his personal information such as blood group, allergy information and medical care entitlements.

The smart licence app is available to holders of personal, public and special driving licences so long as the hard-copy driving licences are of the new type with QR codes, which replaced the paper version on Sept 4, 2017. Owners of older paper licences can apply to change them into smart ones at DLT offices.  

DLT director-general Peerapol Tavornsuppachaoren said the app was the answer to the digital life much in the same manner as ATM cash withdrawals have been replaced by electronic transfers.

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