Thammasat puts focus on engineering

Thammasat puts focus on engineering

Thai engineer. (Bangkok Post file photo)
Thai engineer. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Thammasat School of Engineering (TSE) on Tuesday launched the Center of Excellence in Engineering for the Future at Thammasat University.

Thira Jearsiripongkul, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said that the main goal of the centre is to produce a new generation of engineering students who can think systematically and adapt to fit the ever-changing needs of the engineering world.

"We prioritise practicality as the most important factor,'' said Mr Thira.

"That's why the centre will act as a real-world simulation where students can showcase their ideas, test their innovation and refine their engineering skills. By providing them a chance to do these things, they are naturally prepared for whatever's waiting for them out there," he said.

Besides the Center of Excellence in Engineering for the Future, TSE also aims to establish itself as a leading force in healthcare engineering together with Thammasat University's Faculty of Medicine.

"Thailand is becoming an ageing society which will pose numerous challenges to society over the coming years. This is where healthcare engineering can come in and play a very important role," said Mr Thira.

One of TSE's healthcare engineering projects currently under development is the TidTam device, specifically designed for elderly citizens suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

The device is designed to be worn on the arms, legs or wrists.

The bracelet or anklet would be linked to the TidTam application on the smartphones of family or carers of that elderly person so they can monitor his or her whereabouts.

If the elderly individual wonders outside an area designated by their carer, the device will automatically send an alert. The elderly person can also send an alert themselves if they need urgent assistance or suffer a medical emergency of any kind.

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